Updated: Mar. 13, 2003
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Housing Foreclosures in California Counties, Cities, Zip Codes (Archives)

See new foreclosure data, 2002-present.

Nov. 2002: The data provider for this RAND California database has indicated that they will cease publishing housing price and foreclosure data with the Dec. 2002 time period. For a continuation of the series, please click the above link to our new database. Users should exercise caution when comparing data across these two databases since they originate from different data sources.

This form contains the number of housing foreclosures, prior price paid for properties, and period of ownership for most California counties, cities, and zip codes. The source is the California Association of Realtors. See also Foreclosures--Zip Code by City for statistics by city and zip codes within each city.

*Because data is not included for all areas, aggregatges for these
categories may not be reliable.

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