Vol. II, No. 18 (Oct. 18, 1999)


Sole Green Party Legislator Makes Switch

The nation's highest ranking Green Party elected official has decided to leave the Green Party and run as an independent in next year's elections. Earlier this year, Green Party member Audie Bock stunned the Democratic Party by defeating long-time activist and former Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris in a bid for the 16th Assembly District. Harris, a former Assemblyman and savvy politician, was expected to win the seat handily and had the backing of the Assembly Democratic machine.

Bock made the switch because she believes she will not be able to raise the necessary funds to match the fundraising machine that will no doubt be in operation. Democrats have targeted Bock s seat as a priority and hope to recapture it next fall.

Political insiders have expressed concerns over Bock's move, suggesting that it is a mistake to abandon her base of voters.

Bock is an East Asia scholar and an independent film distributor.

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