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(Statistics categories, variables and descriptions)

RAND California is a subscription-based service sponsored by RAND, the nation's leading think tank. Libraries may request a trial subscription. Browse our Statistics Summary for an overview of database categories, periodicity, data sources, time periods available, and geographic regions covered.

RAND California contains more than 170 databases in the categories described below. Much of the data are available at the national, state, county, and city levels. Data are updated on a regular basis. Users looking for more detailed data on Texas should visit our RAND Texas site.

Business and Economics   contains information on employment, unemployment, industry and occupational wages, median and personal income, occupational projections, construction, housing prices and foreclosures, bankruptcies, inflation and consumer prices, foreign trade (imports and exports), gross state product, farm income, sales tax rates, taxable sales, and airport operating statistics.
Community   includes a number of "quality of life" databases, such as the number of crimes and crime rates, family violence, hate crimes, adult and juvenile arrests, prison and parolee populations, population density, traffic congestion and accidents, and national and state parks acreage and usage.
Education   reports enrollment and student demographics, dropout and completion rates, enrollment projections, college and university enrollment and projections, private school statistics, teacher and staff demographics and salaries, school district expenditures, per pupil spending, test results, computer and Internet access, and other performance measures.
Energy and Environment   reports energy sources and generation, energy consumption, energy expenditures and prices by state, electricity consumption and generation, installed wind power, greenhouse gas emissions, petroleum and natural gas sources and consumption, air quality, gasoline deliveries, water usage, and estimated water usage by state.
Government Finance   reports federal spending by state, state revenues and expenditures, city budgets, government employment and payroll, school district finance, sales tax rates, taxable sales, and public employee retirement system statistics.
Health and Socioeconomic   includes transfer of payments (retirement, Medicare, SSI, food stamps, unemployment insurance, veterans' benefits), HIV and AIDS cases, child abuse, drug-related deaths, drug treatment, physicians and surgeons and specialities, hospital utilization, Medi-Cal, welfare (TANF), health risk factors, and other health care provider statistics.
Population and Demographics   contains birth and death, marriage, county, and city population estimates, including population estimates by race, ethniticy, and age for most areas. It also includes population projections, border crossing and immigration statistics, deportations, and naturalizations.

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